Enabling Future Networks High capacity, low latency dark fibre
infrastructure services provider.


The Heart Of Future Networks

PiPiper is a developer and operator of advanced fibre optic infrastructure, delivering next generation network solutions and routes to the global communications and data industry by connecting major international networking PoP’s with the most advanced and reliable network technology.

Cloud Computing

Ireland is rapidly becoming a dominant force in Cloud Computing, building on its international reputation as a leader in ICT. By providing Hyper scale Cloud Computing Companies the use of their own electronic equipment on a scaleable secure network Pipiper’s network enables them to maintain direct operational control.

Mobile Networks

PiPiper develops open access infrastructure framework for mobile and data carriers providing sites along the entire network for safe and easy deployment of the latest technology to serve the needs of long haul Data transit, Data Centre, MVNO and RAN networks.

Network Routes
Km of Fibre Network
ILA Locations
Mast Locations

Network R&D

Roadside infrastructure for connectivity to vehicles is a rapidly growing requirement as the auto industry moves towards vehicles with increasingly complex safety, navigation and entertainment systems. PiPiper is working with stake holders across the industry to develop the next generation of solutions that can be trialled and deployed across the network in Ireland.